Board of Directors 2015/16


Linda Cartier (President) is a Sudbury business woman who has dedicated many years to volunteer work in Sudbury. She studied to be a graphic artist and when she had time, she enjoys painting.

Carole Rumball Lesar (Vice-President) is a retired educator who also sits on the Art Gallery of Sudbury board of directors. She is an art patron and enjoys painting as a hobby.

Matt Alexander (Secretary) is an urban planner and arts patron.

Heather Campbell (Treasurer) is a freelance writer and co-owner of the city’s new English publisher, Latitude 46. She is the chair of the Wordstock literary festival.

Vicki Gilhula (Past President) is the editor of Sudbury Living magazine, and a former editor of Northern Life. She is the found president of the Sudbury Writers’ Guild.

Oryst Sawchuk (Board Member) is an architect, artist and arts volunteer. As a member of Sac, he and a committee establishing a gallery at the Steelworkers’ Hall (Gallery 6500) and is working setting up an artists’ housing/studio co-operative (Arts Junction).

Rod Basinet (Board Member) is a social worker and a musician.

Dave Anselmo (Board Member) is a filmmaker.

Daniel Aubin (Board Member) is the city’s former Poet Laureate. He is the communications and marketing manager at La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario.

Bev Holmes (Board Member) is a member of the Gallery 6500 subcommittee.

Judi Straughan (Board Member) is a retired educator and a passionate arts patron.